15 - March 2017
Does Vacation Shaming Keep You from Relaxing?
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U.S. workers are feeling more guilt than ever before about planning and taking their vacations, according to a new survey from Alamo Rent A […]
06 - March 2017
How is technology changing the way consumers manage their finances?
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Consumers rely on their financial institutions for multiple reasons and define their convenience based on their habits. As technology continues to evolve, these habits […]
Car Shopping
21 - February 2017
Five Ways to Turbo Charge Your Car Shopping Process
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More than 23 percent of Ohio consumers are considering purchasing a vehicle this year, and 83 percent are more likely to finance the purchase […]
Car Value
06 - February 2017
These Vehicles Have the Best Resale Value
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A great deal on a new vehicle will only stay great if the operating costs remain competitive, and the resale value is strong at […]
27 - January 2017
Americans Become Fearful of Rising Interest Rates
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Change is happening in 2017. Not only do Americans have a new President, but the economy seems to be evolving beyond the “new normal” […]
13 - January 2017
Does sticking to a budget work?
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While many Ohio consumers plan to start 2017 off with a household budget/Personal Spending Plan (I like to use the term Personal Spending Plan […]