Direct Deposit / Payroll Deduction

ProMedica Federal Credit Union provides you with the convenience of direct deposit and payroll deduction, features that save you time and provide other convenient benefits.

Direct Deposit

You can’t beat the convenience of direct deposit. You can have your payroll, pension, or other recurring checks electronically deposited into your credit union account. That means you won’t spend time waiting in line, and you’ll enjoy the safety and security of electronic deposit. We’ll divide the funds to various checking, loans, and savings accounts per your instructions. You can also arrange for payments to be automatically withdrawn for recurring monthly bills, such as auto insurance, mortgages, and utilities.

PLUS, switching your direct deposit and checking to your credit union account means you will receive extra benefits:

  • Reduced loan rates
  • Increased interest rates on specified savings products
  • Free checks forever
  • Free traveler’s checks
  • Free cashier’s checks

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction makes saving easy.

It’s the foolproof way to increase your savings or make loan payments. Since the money is deducted before you see it, you won’t feel the pinch. Simply tell us how much you want deducted each pay period; then tell us to which accounts it is to be applied. It is that easy.

You may have payroll deductions with all of your accounts. For example, you can deposit to your regular savings account, Vacation Club account, and a Holiday Savings Account.