Membership at ProMedica Federal Credit Union means access to a full range of financial services and a level of personal attention that is seldom offered by financial institutions today. As a not-for-profit cooperative, our only obligation is to you, our member/owner. Whether you want to put away funds for a rainy day, save for vacation, or get a loan to purchase your first home or auto, we’re here to provide you with better rates, lower fees, personal attention, stability, and convenience.

Membership is open to employees of ProMedica, ProMedica affiliates, and all qualifying family members. What’s more, once you are a member, you are always a member, regardless of life changes.

When it comes to ProMedica FCU, you’re more than a member. You OWN IT.

3 Ways We Differ From Banks

Credit Unions Are Member Owned

When you deposit money into our institution, you buy shares into our financial cooperative. We then loan the money to other members. We return the “profits” we make to you in the form of lower rates on loans, fewer fees, and higher yields on deposits.

Credit Unions Are Member Focused

Unlike banks that profit their stockholders, we are a non-profit institution that profits our members.

Credit Unions Are Member Driven

As a member of our financial cooperative, you have a say in what we do. You elect our all-volunteer board. Every member gets a vote, regardless of their net worth.

Joining is Easy! Open Your Account Online or Visit One of Our Branches to Begin Your Membership.

Opening A New Account Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Complete the New Member Application
If you are not dropping off your application in person, but using interoffice mail, or U.S. mail, please include a copy of your driver’s license. If you require assistance call your Financial Services Representative at any one of our four branch locations.

Maintain a $25 Minimum Balance
All members must maintain a $25 minimum balance in a savings account to establish and continue your shareholder status with the credit union, a member-owned cooperative. This is not a fee. It always remains your money. Your initial deposit must be included with your application at account opening.
Choose Options
Full Direct Deposit: You can’t beat the convenience of direct deposit. Whether it is a payroll, pension or other recurring check, having it electronically deposited into your credit union account means you won’t spend time waiting in line and you have the safety and security of electronic deposit.
Payroll Deduction: Have a portion of your paycheck deposited into a designated account. It’s the foolproof way to increase your savings or make loan payments.


Member Discounts

Members qualify for special offers from our partners shown here.

Please call ProMedica FCU at 419.479.4040 to obtain offer details and promotion codes. To learn more, or to order tickets online, click on the partner’s logo.

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