13 - January 2017
Does sticking to a budget work?
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While many Ohio consumers plan to start 2017 off with a household budget/Personal Spending Plan (I like to use the term Personal Spending Plan (PSP) instead of budget. Budget sounds too restrictive and that is not what a PSP is), sticking to that PSP may pose a problem. Data from a consumer survey conducted by […]
11 - January 2017
New Vehicle Prices Continued to Rise All Year
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New vehicle transaction prices rose steadily throughout 2016, reaching a record level in December. The average paid for a new light vehicle in December was $35,309, according to Kelley Blue Book. KBB said that new-car prices increased by $521 (up 1.5 percent) from December 2015 to December 2016. They rose by an alarming $166 (up […]
Home Ownership
06 - January 2017
When the Housing Market Sneezes, the U.S. Economy Catches a Cold
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U.S. Housing Worth Hit $29.6 Trillion in 2016 If you want to understand how important the residential housing market is to the well-being of the U.S. economy, consider this: The total value of the U.S. housing stock grew to a record-high $29.6 trillion in 2016, according to online real estate company Zillow. The national housing […]
Car Sales
04 - January 2017
Car Sales Heat Up This December
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New vehicle sales are slowing, and that could mean bargains in 2017. December is shaping up to be the biggest month for new vehicle sales in all of 2016, according to new data from Kelley Blue Book. The venerable auto valuation source said that December 2016 new vehicle sales should clock in at 17.4 million […]
Credit Card Debt
27 - December 2016
American Household Credit Card Debt a Growing Burden
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American households with credit card debt have an average of $16,061 of it, according a study from NerdWallet. NerdWallet adds that consumers who carry credit card debt pay an average of $1,292 per year in interest on it. Now, maybe you read that top line statistic and say, “great! I’m below the average.” But there […]
22 - December 2016
The Fed Who Cried Wolf
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If you remember the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, you have a pretty good idea of the Federal Reserve’s behavior over the past year. Like the boy in the story, the Fed cried “Wolf!” several times over the past twelve month, but the wolf failed to appear. OK, the Fed didn’t actually cry […]