14 - December 2016
Consumer Comfort Level with Financial Apps
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From Candy Crush Saga to Google Translate, consumers have thousands of mobile apps to choose from. While numerous people are quick to download music or movie-streaming apps, not everyone is as confident with financial apps. According to a 2016 Mid-Year Consumer Survey conducted by the Ohio Credit Union League, 52 percent of respondents don’t use […]
New Year
21 - November 2016
5 Steps to a New Financial You in 2017
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Holiday shoppers have been careful each season to make their lists and check them twice. Budgets have become more discerning and savers have become better planners for their holiday spending, prioritizing savings along the way. According to a September 2016 report, two out of five millennial shoppers got a head start this year and had […]
16 - November 2016
Don’t let holiday magic make your finances disappear
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While the excitement of the holidays and gift-giving season can be a magical time for children, adults face a plethora of additional expenses during the last two months of the year. Whether its gifts, food, decorations, the perfect outfit for that holiday party, or airfare to visit family – there’s no denying the holidays can […]
03 - November 2016
Moving May Cost More Than You Realize
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Ohioans are on the move. According to the Ohio Credit Union League’s Quarterly Performance Summary (2nd Quarter, 2016), first-mortgage originations at Ohio credit unions grew 26.4 percent from June 2015 to June 2016. And, 26 percent of Ohioans plan to move within the next two years, according to a 2016 Mid-Year Consumer Survey, conducted by […]
Auto Loans
21 - October 2016
Refinancing Auto Loans 101
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If you’re paying too much in interest on your car or truck loan, refinancing could be a great way to save some serious dough. Interest rates for vehicle loans may have dropped since you financed your auto. Or maybe you’ve improved your credit score, which could qualify you for a lower rate. Either way, it […]
Credit Union Day
18 - October 2016
International Credit Union Day Celebrates The Authentic Difference
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On October 20, 2016, credit unions around the world will celebrate International Credit Union Day (ICU Day). Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, offering the same services as other financial institutions, but with a people-first philosophy. Since 1948, on the third Thursday of every October, credit unions have celebrated the principles that make credit unions […]