Visa Credit Card

Our VISA Platinum with ScoreCard® rewards has a low, fixed rate of 9.99% to 14.99%. There is no annual fee and no fee for cash advances. You can take advantage of 24-hour, toll-free VISA assistance and rest easy with a 25-day grace period for new purchases.

Identity Theft Victim Assistance

Upon experiencing or suspecting an incident, cardholders may call to receive an Assistance Kit in addition to 24/7 Assistance Service from specialty agents.

Identity Theft Insurance

Victims are eligible for up to $1000 reimbursement (after $100 deductible per year) out-of-pocket expenses incurred while resolving an identity theft releated incident. Lost wages are also eligible for reimbursement with some restrictions.

Payment Card Registration

Register credit and debit cards once, in one place so reporting stolen or lost cards and replacing them is easy and convenient.

90 Days Product Protection

Protect consumer retail purchases for 90 days after the date or purchase against loss, theft, or breakage.

Travel Reservation Service

Full-service travel agency via a toll-free number to book airlines, hotels, rental cars, trains, cruises, or tours.

Fraud Alert Management

VISA will contact you to confirm a purchase if it seems significantly out of your normal spending.

Fraud Protection with Online Shopping

Verified by VISA prevents others from using cards by requiring your password.

VISA Platinum Rewards Card
Get Scorecard Reward Points for brand-name merchandise and travel discounts with a VISA Platinum Card.
Lost or Stolen Card
If your card is lost or stolen, call VISA at 1.855.961.1602 and notify the credit union at 419.479.4040 immediately.
Fraudulent Activity
Call VISA: 1.800.906.0005 (anytime)

Your Credit Card Info
You can go here to review your credit card information on a secured site. Fidelity, our credit card processor, provides this service.